Sanitary Anatomy Posters For Medical Exam Rooms

MY Guarantee

Posters - Each office anatomy poster is sold in new condition and comes with a 3-year poster guarantee against color fading when used indoors. Anatomy posters (excluding fine art) are guaranteed to be the current edition. If you discover and notify us of a newer edition of the titled poster from the same manufacturer within 30 days of your purchase, you are eligible to receive it for free (limit 3) if you pay for shipping and it was not sold as discounted closeout at the time of original purchase.

DeuPair Frames - Enjoy a 5-year frame guarantee against rust, corrosion, warping or structural deterioration (excludes normal wear and tear). Clear cover is subject to scratches if abrasives are used. Replacement clear film covers can be purchased.

Satisfaction - In addition to the stated guarantees, shipments are insured and errors are corrected at no cost to customer.

MY Frames

 Pocket Frame mounts to wall. Slide in contents.

Pocket Frame mounts to wall. Slide in contents.

Aluminum - No plastic frames or flimsy sheet metal here. Extruded aluminum is sturdy, rustproof, and not just spray painted. It's anodized, which means the surface is chemically altered to increase corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and provide better adhesion for lasting color.

DeuPair Pocket Frames - With a narrow 1" bezel, patients focus more on the content than the border. Standard frame includes one quarter inch depth for clear 0.2" clear cover, 3/16" padding and up to three laminated posters. The padding can be omitted or substituted with thinner corrugated board for thicker content. Custom ordered frames can also be created for thicker materials.

DeuPair Flip Frames - Front-load frames are ideal for low ceilings or large posters. All four of the 1.25" bezel edges are hinged. In seconds, snap them up with your fingers to insert graphics. Pop them down to close. Though available in more colors, black is most common since it complements posters with a wider variety of colors.

Hanging - Frames are pre-assembled. Mounting screws and anchors are provided. Just remove the contents; mark position through four holes on frame; drill starter holes (and add plastic anchors for drywall); screw frame onto wall; insert contents. Never worry about straightening or falling objects again.

MY Laminate

Sterile - Medical offices and classrooms must be regularly disinfected to prevent the spread of germs. You simply cannot do this with an unprotected paper poster.

Thickness - Competitors use lamination that is half the thickness MYanatoMY posters. The 3 mil top and bottom laminate helps preserve shape and durability.

Ultraviolet Light - The UV spectrum is present in sunlight and fluorescent illumination. Over time, this degrades printed colors. UV filtered laminates are used to preserve vibrance longer.

Surface - Gloss makes colors look slightly more vibrant at the sacrifice of glare at certain angles. MYanatoMY posters generally have satin laminate, with a gloss option.

MY Shipping

Packing - The best posters in the world have little value if they arrive crushed. MYanatoMY posters are packed to preserve the contents to minimize carrier damage with weight-based pricing.

FedEx - Ground is an affordable method of shipping that generally arrives within the continental U.S. in 3 to 5 days.

USPS - Priority Mail can ship to Alaska and Hawaii with no extra charges in reinforced Priority Mail tubes. Higher rates apply to Canada.

Backorders - An order that exceeds product in stock can result in a 10-day delay before fulfillment.

Containers - Small poster quantities are packed in tubes. Larger quantities and frames ship in boxes. When ordered together, posters are inserted within frames for maximum protection during transit.

Indemnity - Even with the best precautions, product can sometimes be damaged in transit. Shipments are insured and have tracking numbers.

Destination - MYanatoMY posters ship to United States and Canada (North America) addresses from California. Order internationally from affiliate

MY Payments

Discounts - Prices reflect the labor that goes into preparing, packing and shipping premium posters. Discounts may be offered for posters related to the current Health Awareness Month. When practical additional promotions may be offered.

Orders are not considered bulk sales unless they are for more than 500 of the same poster.

Price Discrepancy - Minimum price is displayed on product pages. Select option to update corresponding price.

Purchase Orders - This site cannot accept P.O. requests. All sales must be prepaid during online checkout for processing.

Samples - With tight inventory and labor-intensive finishing, we can't offer free samples.

MY Liability

Frames - Installation liability is transferred to the recipient. Packages may be heavy. Exercise care to avoid dropping filled boxes or contents on one's foot. Be mindful of sharp edges. Protective eyewear is recommended when using hand tools.

Posters - Paper cuts are possible when rapidly sliding skin along edges. Twirling a page corner near one's face can damage an eye. Handle with care, as MYanatoMY store is not responsible for such accidents.

Sanitation - Ill patients are subject to touch, cough, or sneeze in exam rooms. Periodically wipe exposed surfaces with disinfectant.

Errors - Site content is subject to human or mechanical errors. As such, MYanatoMY Store will make corrections as needed and not be responsible for such mistakes. Neither is MYanatoMY responsible for comments on outbound links or statements made by blog commenters. 

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MYanatoMY blog produces original health and art related content. It may include excerpts from the blog entitled A Bit More Healthy or other sources.

Social Media - You may receive regular updates to blog articles by following @MYanatoMYstore on Twitter.

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MYanatoMY orders are fulfilled by, who has been selling anatomy posters to schools, medical offices and U.S. government agencies since 2010 and custom clinical posters to scientists since 1990.

Artwork for some posters has been prepared by Contents of this site ©2013-2017 KRW.

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins - Most anatomy posters are industry standards copyrighted by Wolters Kluwer Health, a division of LWW and other artists.

Copyright - Posters are licensed for display as prints in medical offices and schools with no transferred reproduction rights. Televised or video reproduction must be negotiated separately with LWW.

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