Are Your Illustrations Considered Fine Art?

By Bill Kray

There's a fine line between illustrator and fine artist.

There has been much debate over whether Norman Rockwell is to be considered a fine artist or illustrator. He painted 322 covers of the Saturday Evening Post magazine spanning a period of 47 years. Being quite prolific and having short deadlines imposed, he did not concern himself with the archival nature of his paintings. Why can't he be considered both fine artist and illustrator?

Most medical illustration belongs in text books. Images depict gory, morbid surgical procedures few would consider fine art, no matter how well the work is illustrated. The only way such artwork is typically hung on walls is if it is part of an anatomy poster.

But some transcendent anatomy art is arguably more suited for prominent and proud display in professional offices. If you feel your work fits this niche, drop by the MY Art page and see about having your work promoted on this site. Perhaps you'll be the next Rockwell.

Bill Kray

Los Angeles, United States

Vegetarian health advocate, graphic designer, illustrator, programmer and prolific blog writer.

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