Vitamin B12 Stains Your Undies

By Bill Kray

Excess riboflavin in B12 supplements turns urine bright yellow.

Normal urine can range in color from a light yellow to an amber. Taking a B12 supplement, vitamin B complex or multivitamin containing vitamin B12 will often turn urine dark yellow or orange. This stems from the yellow coloring in the over-the-counter supplement that your body excretes. Consuming large quantities of foods rich in B12 (shellfish, liver, mackerel, beef) can cause your urine to become a bright green color.

 Tidy Whities

Tidy Whities

Men, in particular, using urinals out of reach of toilet paper may see residual staining on white underwear. This can be prevented when blotting with paper while seated on a toilet. Pre-spotting garments with a stain remover may be required to clean underwear. Dark or variegated underwear patterns mask the staining. Going commando, particularly with light colored outer garments can prove to be quite embarrassing.

Vitamin B12 is the only water-soluble vitamin that your body stores in small amounts for years. It synergizes a variety of biochemical reactions including DNA and RNA synthesis, new red blood cell production and normal neurological functioning. So brain fog may be a symptom of low B12 levels, particularly in vegans and vegetarians. It takes about two years to deplete the liver of its reserve B12.

Since B12 can be obtained from fortified soy, cheese, and eggs, vegans are more at risk for deficiency than vegetarians. However, vegetarians who limit egg and cheese consumption can experience effects of low B12 levels.

Vitamin B12 Necessary for Arterial Health - Michael Gregor, MD

Stained underwear might be acceptable collateral damage in the battle against arteriosclerosis. The cardiovascular benefits of plant-based diets may be severely undermined by vitamin B12 deficiency. Research demonstrates that vegans have better arterial elasticity only when they consume adequate B12 supplements.

Bill Kray

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