Run From Unprotected Anatomy Posters

By Bill Kray

Here's why you should run, not walk, away if you see unprotected anatomy posters hanging in your doctor's examination room.

A medical exam room should be a sterile environment. The prior patient in the room likely had some type of infection or disease that should be contained, not spread. Hence, there are protocols for needle disposal. Unwashed gowns are not reused and the examination table is recovered with fresh paper before admitting the next patient. You may even see health personnel wash their hands and/or put on gloves before touching you.


So why the concern over unprotected paper anatomy posters? They cannot be wiped clean with alcohol or other disinfectants. They become biohazards that should be discarded after a patient touches them or coughs and sneezes in their proximity. It's more cost effective to purchase sanitary lamination than to keep replacing soiled paper posters.

For this reason, human anatomy posters purchased from the MYanatoMY Store only ship with protective laminate. For more protection, they can also be ordered within a sturdy frame.

Bill Kray

Los Angeles, United States

Vegetarian health advocate, graphic designer, illustrator, programmer and prolific blog writer.

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