Now I Know My ABC’s of Anatomy

By K Williams

So ends the nursery rhyme most children learn to sing the alphabet. Never mind that some never quite understand what the character preceding "p," called "elemeno" looks like. However, when a certified medical illustrator produces a book to teach the alphabet, children get a lesson in human anatomy. The work is called Alphanatomy, written and beautifully illustrated by Karen Bucher.

A is for aortic arch," begins the first lesson. Each page introduces the successive letter with a new lesson in human anatomy rendered in impeccable detail. In the back of the book, there's a glossary of the anatomical terms used. This is the successful product of a Kickstarter project for which I received three signed copies. It is now available on Lulu and Amazon in paperback.

Alphanatomy: Interactive for iPads and Mac OS X 10.9 is also available that features Calvin, to whom the book is dedicated, pronouncing the anatomical terms. The file also includes non-interactive pages of the traditional version.

Alphanatomy will get students pronouncing obscure body parts with the fluency of "elemno." In fact, children my soon end their melody with, "Now I know my anatomy." The book is a wonderful resource for classrooms and homeschooling.

Who knows, maybe, just maybe, the children familiar with Alphanatomy will grow up and become doctors or artists with work to display on this site.

Bill Kray

Los Angeles, United States

Vegetarian health advocate, graphic designer, illustrator, programmer and prolific blog writer.