Artists Deserve Representation

By Bill Kray

Do creatives have the time and skill to sell online?

Are you old enough to remember when artists' representatives (reps) schleped around black portfolios to advertising agencies, museums or collectors to obtain assignments for their roster of artists?

Fast forward to the age of the Internet. Many artists are now able to build their own portfolio-style websites. Even even they aren't that technically savvy, there are sites that host images like Flickr, 500px and Pinterest.

But crossing over into online sales requires more than a portfolio; a fully functioning commerce site is necessary. A seller must confront data encryption, backup redundancy, inventory management, transaction fees, shipping containers, site engine optimization, and promotion. The effort required to maintain such sites often diminishes time that can be focused on creating more artwork.

MYanatoMY Art Store Offers Non-Exclusive Representation

Since time is so important, let's cut to the chase. Fine artists, medical illustrators, and graphic artists can have their work promoted at MYanatoMY Art store with no upfront costs. The store will optimize images, build the artist pages, write an artist profile, and promote the art on social media.

It's much like boutique consignment selling, only better. A percentage is deducted from the sale, depending upon who does the fulfillment. The agreement is non-exclusive, so artists are free to promote and sell work independently. This provides a simple auxiliary stream of background income.

There is an approval process. Not every type of artwork can be accepted. In short, decent, non-lewd biomedical illustration or fine art anatomy that is appropriate for an audience of medical professionals is desired.

Bill Kray

Los Angeles, United States

Vegetarian health advocate, graphic designer, illustrator, programmer and prolific blog writer.

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