What Does Your Medical Exam Room Look Like?

By Bill Kray

Send photos of anatomy posters hanging in your office.

Show us your exam room with hanging anatomy posters

We're just a bit curious how you've used the human anatomy posters that you purchased. It would be nice to see them in action. We are working on a gallery for others to view. Can you help out? Just snap some photos while a patient isn't inside. Doctors or staff can be present if they don't object. Nice ones from among those received may be featured in our upcoming gallery here or on Pinterest.

Use the contact form to receive upload instructions. Alternatively, you can there provide links to photos you have posted on your Pinterest board or Twitter account. Let us know how you feel about your newly decorated office.

Enjoy 3-in-1 Framed Sets

Our 3-in-1 framed sets are absolutely ingenious, particularly for offices with limited space but can benefit from hanging several anatomy posters. We have ready-made DeuPair Pocket Frames in stock that conceal multiple prints held in by gravity and pressure from backing. Slip three UV laminated posters in side for a beautiful professional appearance.

You are not limited to the sets we offer for convenience. You may custom order either the DeuPair Pocket Frame in two colors or the DeuPair Flip Frame in 10 colors. Then shop for whichever posters fit your medical practice. If you require more than 3, the black backing can be removed. If you wish to have many more, the frame can be constructed thicker. 

Bill Kray

Los Angeles, United States

Vegetarian health advocate, graphic designer, illustrator, programmer and prolific blog writer.

You may purchase anatomy posters from ClinicalPosters.com.