Get Ready For January Health Awareness

January is both Cervical Cancer and Thyroid Awareness Month.

There will be much to say about health awareness in January. Start off the new year right by ordering appropriate anatomy posters in advance to show your support. You may receive laminated or framed versions of Understanding Cervical Cancer, Thyroid Disorders and Endocrine System early, while they are on sale for 10% off using the checkout code 10HAMJAN.

To prevent missing an awareness month throughout the whole year, order your DeuPair Health Awareness Set. Receive 12 interchangeable health awareness themed anatomy posters within one durable frame. Each poster is labeled with the month for display on the back. You may even order extra posters for months with multiple awareness programs. The frame can be built to fit the number of posters requested.

Bill Kray

Los Angeles, United States

Vegetarian health advocate, graphic designer, illustrator, programmer and prolific blog writer.

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