How to Gift Anatomy Posters

By Bill Kray

Friends and parents of current or future doctors and nurses may be reluctant to make a surprise purchase of a human anatomy poster. Yet, a great poster is always appreciated and it's not difficult to please the recipient.

Tips for Making The Right Purchase

There are nearly three quarters of a million physicians in the United States with many specialties and sub-specialties. But all you need are two simple facts to purchase the right gift.

  1. Ask what their specialty is.
  2. Determine which posters they already have.

For the second piece of information, if the gift is not a surprise, you can simply ask if they are missing any anatomy posters on their wall. But most people appreciate being surprised with gifts. There are more subtle ways of discovering the answer.

Does the doctor (to be) have an office? Ask for a tour (to see which, if any, anatomy posters are already displayed and if there is room for others). If the office is too far away, ask them to send photos of their exam room, hallways and private office.

Medical Specialty General Definition
Cardiologist Heart doctor
Dentist Tooth doctor
Dermatologist Deals with skin problems
Endocrinologist Deals with the problems of thyroid and ductless glands
Gastroenterologist Deals with digestive system problems
Gynecologist Deals with health of the female reproductive system
Interist General practitioner treats diseases of one or more body systems
Nephrologist Kidney doctor
Neurologist Deals with the problems of brain and nerves
Obstetrician Deals with pregnancy and birth
Oncologist Cancer doctor
Optometrist Eye doctor
Pediatrician Child doctor
Physician Assistant A PA may specialize in a wide range of fields or surgery
Podiatrist Foot doctor
Psychiatrist Deals with mental health
Rheumatologist Deals with treatment of arthritis and other diseases of the joints, muscles and bones
Urologist Deals with bladder

Once you know the physician specialty and which posters they already have or don't have, shopping is easy! Each comes in a standard 20x26" size. Just pick the appropriate one and select the frame option. That way you don't have to worry about having it curled or damaged. Plus, it will hang as a longstanding reminder of your kindness.

A great gift option for general practitioners is the DeuPair Health Awareness Set. It's a single slot-loading frame with 12 interchangeable laminated posters to feature during different months throughout the year.

For something truly personalized, consider a beautiful DeuPair Flip Frame Grouping. Two styles allow you to supplement family photos you upload with one or two posters added to your shopping cart. Other groupings allow each frame to be filled with an image you provide.

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