Do You See Bones?

by Bill Kray

  Bones  on Fox Network

Bones on Fox Network

Are people who work in anthropology, orthopedics rheumatology, or any medical profession entertained by the American crime comedy-drama television series, Bones?

Bones is based on forensic anthropology and forensic archaeology, with each episode focusing on an FBI case file concerning the mystery behind human remains brought by FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) to the forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan (Emily Deschanel).

Created by Hart Hanson, the series is very loosely based on the life and writings of novelist and forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs (NPR interview), who also produces the show. Its title character, Temperance Brennan, is named after the protagonist of Reichs' crime novel series. Similarly, Dr. Brennan writes successful mystery novels based around a fictional (in the Bones universe) forensic anthropologist named Kathy Reichs. Many other talented supporting cast members include Michaela Conlin (Angela) & TJ Thyne (Hodgins).

Whether you work in the profession or not, are the gore details off-putting or are you intrigued by the balance of science and humor?

Bill Kray

Los Angeles, United States

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