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  1. Complete the Artist Request form below.
  2. Upload low-resolution (600px) samples (JPEG) of work (pswd: MYtumMY).
  3. Upon initial approval, higher-resolution files (7200px) are required.
  4. If test prints turn out well, you will be contacted so we can build a commerce page for you.
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MyanatoMYstore sales are currently limited to North America.

There are many benefits to listing your artwork at MYanatoMYstore (herein named STORE). First and foremost, you (herein named ARTIST) pay no up-front costs. A custom page with shopping cart is built to feature between 6 and 12 pieces of artwork. ARTIST page may include a customer option to purchase framed groupings of multiple pieces.

ARTIST profile writeup on My Blog is included with cross-links to product pages. ARTIST work is marketed to hundreds of medical offices with which affiliate sites have been selling human anatomy posters for years. ARTIST work is published on various social media sites for greater exposure.

ARTIST receives 50 to 85 percent of the net price based on how pieces are listed and who does the fulfillment. Fees are deducted only whenart sells and STORE absorbs credit cart transaction fees. For non-commissioned pieces, amount is greater of $20 US per piece or the following:

  • 15% Commission: List limited edition, signed prints, original pieces, printed that are shipped by ARTIST.
  • 35% Commission: Approved digital files are printed on demand with archival inks and paper are shipped by STORE.
  • 45% Commission: Collaborative works with STORE requiring art direction, supplemental art, scanning, retouching, or design.
  • 50% Commission (with $20 per print deposit): A limited-edition number of prints are shipped to ARTIST to sign and sequentially number, returned and inventoried by STORE to ship on demand.

ARTIST page may include pieces from one or more categories of commission. ARTIST and STORE agree upon fair prices (typically between $60 to $300 for large-format prints based on media, complexity, artist reputation and demand). Commissioned art, original works or signed pieces may sometimes be more. STORE reserves right to lower prices for sales or to compete with market demands and post work on affiliate sites.

Orders fulfilled by ARTIST must be shipped within 7 days or risk order cancellation. Repeated order neglect may result in early suspension of ARTIST sale at STORE. When ARTIST does fulfillment, price of shipping must be included in the sales price.

ARTIST must honor 10-day satisfaction guarantee and is not compensated for returned merchandise.

ARTIST is emailed within 72 hours of a STORE sale that includes ARTIST's work. Payments from the STORE can be issued via PayPal or Dwolla twice monthly when there is a balance greater than $50 or within 15 days of satisfied delivery when fulfilled by ARTIST. The price due to ARTIST does not include product enhancements like frames or other accessories. Net price excludes checkout shipping and applicable taxes.

Art resolution should be sufficient for giclée prints ranging in size from 17x22" to 36x48" at 200 ppi. (7200 x 9600px). Images of insufficient resolution or those requiring extensive color enhancement, dust and scratch removal, restoration or other retouching will either be rejected or require a higher commission.

STORE has been selling artwork for over 30 years through other venues and respects intellectual property rights. Please do not copy, upload, download, or share files unless you have the right to do so. As protection for ARTIST and STORE, proof of authorship or ownership in the form of a pending or approved Copyright Form VA, which may be filed online for less, or appropriate affidavit is requested from ARTIST after art approval and prior to sales. This warrants that ARTIST is the creator or legal copyright holder. Under no circumstances is STORE liable for any copyright infringement or derivative work claims (i.e. digitally enhancing someone else's copyrighted photo or likeness that lack celebrity or model release). ARTIST retains copyright ownership but grants limited reproduction rights to STORE and affiliate sites for the purpose of ARTIST promotion and sales.

STORE does not sell reproduction rights to artwork. Inquiries about use of images in campaigns or large print runs are directed to ARTIST. However, visitors may, without notice, post low-resolution website images on social media without compensation or liability. This agreement may be terminated by either party with 30-day notice with any fees payable within the same time period. If ARTIST becomes unreachable or unresponsive to communication then sales may be halted and payments held for a maximum of 90 days.

Acceptance of each piece of artwork is at the sole discretion of STORE. Rejection may not always be due to poor quality; it can be because of subject matter. Artwork is best when suited to the theme of human anatomy. This might include figure drawings, discreet nude fine art (not pornographic or overtly sexual in nature), medical tools, dissections, anatomical illustration and microbiology. Some tangent or abstract themes will be considered. PRINT THIS

PRIVACY ACT ADVISORY STATEMENT Required by the Privacy Act of 1974 (P.L. 93 - 579)
The requested information is voluntary, but if not furnished, application may be delayed or refused.
The principle uses of the requested information are the consideration, establishment and maintenance of commerce or gallery Web pages from which the applicant can share in profits as an independent contractor.
NOTE: No other advisory statement will be provided in connection with this application.